design planGood Garden design relies on a well-balanced combination of flair, knowledge and experience and at Simply Gardens we offer all of the above to deliver a bespoke service. Each garden we create is designed, built and planted to suit everyone's different needs. The emphasis is on individuality as your needs only, as a person or a family, will determine how you will use your garden. The initial consultation is free and involves a visit to your garden to assess the site, meet you and listen to your requirements. The latter is extemely important to us as our aim is to deliver the garden of your dreams. We never design for ourselves but always for the client.

We then send you a detailed quote as to how much the design will cost following what has been discussed on our first visit. If this is accepted we then proceed with a site survey and drawing detailed scale plans of the new garden. These can be changed and altered until you are entirely happy with the outlook of your new garden. We then provide a detailed quote for all the work involved.

All the work is carried out to ensure your garden is finished to the highest standard, paying attention to every little detail.