Specialized Pruning

Climbing RoseAt Simply Gardens we are knowledgeable and experienced to undertake any type of pruning. The secret is to have a good eye and to know when the job needs doing; not all plants need pruning at the same time of the year!

We prune all varieties of shrubs, roses, wisterias and any other climbers, small ornamental trees etc.

We prune for shape, for winter stems, for rejuvenating, to encourage flowering and generally in order to maximize your plants potential.

Fruit Tree Pruning

espalier treeWe specialize in all kind of fruit tree care and soft fruit bushes, such as raspberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries and redcurrants.

We can prune, reshape and thin out standard trees or train them along walls as fan-shaped or espaliers (with several horizontal tiers of branches).